The Basque country

Euskal Herria

The Basque country is made up of 7 provinces. The Northern Basque country is part of the French and the Southern Basque country is part of the Spanish. Basque people are known as one of the oldest European settlers and are recognised for their strong culture and rich oral literature.
Euskara is the language of the Basque and has been passed orally through the generations. Euskara remains a vital part of the basque people and is currently taught in schools.
The top of Pyrenees chain soars from 500 m to 2500 m , and divides this country into two. The East side has a continental and Mediterranean climate while the Atlantic side carries through an oceanic climate.

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The Euskara is the basque language and contributes to the Basque identity. The literature (tale, legend, song, proverb…), is also known as the “bertsularisme”…..

Many symbols characterize the Basque country:
Exte (house), front wall, church, the Ikurrina (flag), Lauburu (Basque cross), the Pottok (horse, this is the emblem of the Basque Country), ewe, Basque pelota, Basque sports rural, gastronomy….. Ongi Ettori, Welcome.

  • Bayonne, the Nive
  • Seen on the Pyrenees
  • Saint Jean Pied de Port
  • Herd of ewes
  • lake of  Saint Pée sur Nivelle
Bayonne, la Nive
Bayonne, the nive


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